Here is an awesome opportunity to be trained by Olympic sprinter, Ernest Wiggins II:

Hello all, we have finally set dates for the two camps we will put on this summer. If at all possible please get back to me with confirmation on what dates you would like your athlete to attend. The dates will be June 25th and June 26th for the first camp and July 22nd and July 23rd.


  • Each camp will be approximately between 2-4 hours depending on how big a group we get

  • First day we will focus on Speed, reaction and agility

  • Second day would be power and explosive work

  • Expectations for each work out - Ernest will run athletes through a work out as a whole and in groups of 5 depending on how many students we have. It is recommended that parents and coaches film work out of their athlete while Ernest is going through the workout and giving pointers and direction on what needs to be improved on each drill. For example, Ernest will run Miles, Wesley, Noah, Kyree, Ila, and Luca through a drill and will let Miles know he needs to work on getting his knees higher while also telling Wesley he needs to get lower and more explosiveness off the start and so on and so forth. I believe this will be a rolling schedule so while 1st group is resting then group 2 will begin their workout and critique after warm ups and stretching as a whole. 

  • The biggest benefit of running this camp is being taught certain drills to help improve mechanics specific to each athlete, therefore the importance of documenting the athletes performance during training only benefits the athlete to base their starting point on their journey to increase speed, agility and power. 

  • Video is highly recommended but not a requirement - He will have a Q&A at the end of each camp for parents or coaches to go into detail if needed on some of the things athletes need to work on specifically and will also touch base on nutrition for those athletes who want it

  • I will have a few cameras to cover the whole camp and will make either hard or digital copies and get them sent out to all who do the camp 

  • June 25th and the 26th - times will be starting at 6:30p.m - 8:30p.m tentatively (the 26th may change depending on his flight time out of here but we chose that time to start on Sunday since he will be flying straight from Detroit to Midland).

  •  Times have not been set in stone for July 22nd and 23rd in case us parents would rather do a morning workout instead based on how we like the camp on the 25th and 26th of June. 


  • Cost will be $200 per athlete for each camp which will include a shirt and a cap and the deadline will be on June 18th, a week before camp. 

  • The dates will be June 25th and June 26th for the first camp which will be limited to 15 spots max. We are currently at 7 spots filled as of now and will update when we are full for June. 

  • We have a max limit of 30 on the July dates therefore we will be doing a morning workout with presumably 15 in the moring and the other 15 in the evening for both days.

  • I will need the NAME, AGE, and shirt size of athlete

  • I will also need information of parent or coach  (Phone number for a group text and I should have all email addresses)


  • Payments can be Mailed to 2309 County Road 220 Garden City Texas, 79739 or in person to Josh Colunga via cash, check or can be sent via cash app $colungaConstruction before June 18th. 

  • JOSH COLUNGA - 432-301-4324 -

Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thank you. 



Become Legendary. Not from the victories you've claimed,

 but from the hard work you've endured to claim your victories.

~ Ernest Wiggins II ~




Ernest Wiggins II was born in China Grove, North Carolina on June 18, 1982.  Built purely on strength, speed, and heart, this natural born athlete grew into a powerful sprinter and fierce competitor.  Excelling at anything he put his mind to, Ernest took the track world by storm, earning honors from the high school level all the way to the professional track circuit. Ernest’s track career continued to excel, as he earned a spot on the USA Track and Field Team to represent the Stars and Stripes both at domestic and international level.  Combining his passion for athletics with his desire to impact the community, Ernest went on to become a Council Member of the Young Professionals Council for Elevate Orlando, an inductee in the World Sports Alumni, as well as the Founder and CEO of his own training company, Atlas Speed Training LLC,  Beachwear company, Chocolate Dolphin, and his own speaking platform The Ernest Movement.  His reputation as a speaker supersedes him.  He has recently engaged in becoming a keynote speaker at prestigious ceremonies like the Deca Sports and Entertainment Marketing Conference held at the world renowned Universal Studios, The Empowerment Superwoman’s & Superman’s Award held in Ocala, Florida. Ernest was awarded the honor and certificate of Recognition from Marion County, Florida, which was presented to him by all of the County Commissioners. Most recently Ernest received two more certificates of Recognition from Congressman Daniel Ward for his philanthropy throughout Central Florida, and The Florida State Senate for his speaking engagements throughout the state of Florida.


Early Life


Growing up as a small town kid from North Carolina, Ernest benefitted from the support of his close family and tight-knit community.  Unfortunately, at a young age, Ernest and his family suffered the tragic loss of his father from a car accident.  Turning his pain into passion, he embarked on a mission to make his father proud through sports, education and positive community involvement.


Track Life


Although Ernest was a talented multi-sport athlete, the track quickly became his first love.  While just a late bloomer in high school, Ernest’s determination and unfailing work ethic pushed him to run the 100-meter dash with a time of 10.22 seconds, earning him the high school and county record, which still stands. Shockingly, Ernest earned titles and broke records with only two years of high school track under his belt.  He continued on at Appalachian State University, earning 2x All-American honors and 9 collegiate sprint records, including the 100 meter track record at University of North Carolina at Charlotte.  Ernest’s talents and contributions to his alma mater were recognized when he was inducted into the Appalachian State Hall of Fame in 2013.


Surprisingly, Ernest was not done competing.  After a 7-year hiatus and the urging of friends and athletes alike, he decided to get back on the track as a competitor. His return to the sport in 2016 started off with a bang, as Ernest was running 6.58 in the 60-meter dash! That time ranked him top 20 in the world. Because Ernest completed his race at an outdoor track instead of an indoor track arena, Ernest did not qualify for USA Indoor Championships. But that didn’t dissuade Ernest from pressing forward.  When the outdoor season arrived it was time for the 100-meter dash, his specialty. At the Florida Relays held at University of Florida, Ernest got 3rd place clocking in at 10.15, qualifying him for the 2016 USA Olympic Trials! Sadly, tragedy struck again, at Ernest’s next competition he tore his left Achilles tendon, derailing his historic run to compete in the 2016 Olympics after not racing since 2009.  Rarely do athletes possess the kind of mental and physical ability to return to a sport and perform in top form.  Ernest, however, has never been average.


At the professional level, Ernest traveled to over 35 countries, competing with endorsements from Nike and Holyfield International.  He represented the USA in 8 different international events by running the 100-meter dash and as a part of the 400-meter relay team, which included the 2004 Summer Olympics (Athens, Greece), and 2007 World Championships (Osaka, Japan).


In Oct of 2021, South Rowan High School honored Ernest by retiring his College and USA Track uniforms in the Raider Athletic Hall of Fame, which hangs today in the school’s foyer as you walk into the main entrance of South Rowan Raiders in China Grove, NC.


Most recently, November 12th of 2022, Ernest was inducted into the North Carolina, Salisbury Rowan County Sports Hall of Fame, an accomplishment Ernest set to achieve since his first race his junior year in High School. 


Business Life


Coming from humble beginnings, Ernest has always had a special place in his heart for guiding and mentoring at-risk youth.  When a friend approached him to be an ambassador for Elevate Orlando, an organization that seeks to advance the college and career plans of low-income students, Ernest jumped at the chance.  He began volunteering his time to speak to students in the Elevate Orlando program throughout Orlando.  His ability to inspire others was so apparent, and his ideas for more ways to work with the kids so creative, that eventually he moved up to being a Council Member.  


Ernest’s ability to genuinely connect with others, while still being seen as a leader, has helped carry him into growing a highly successful business, where he and his staff train an average of 500 athletes per year.  Starting from the ground up, Ernest built Atlas Speed Training LLC around his own strengths of leadership, knowledge, integrity, and passion.  His passion for his craft is evident and his knowledge, experience, and innovative ideas for high-level athletic training are highly sought after.  When Ernest speaks, people listen. His knack for relating to others through his words and stories caught the attention of the Canadian National Athletic Association in 2014, when he was selected to be a speaker and presenter for the Canadian National Athletic Conference in Bridgewater, Canada. 


Ernest and his company hit a big wave when he teamed up with legendary MLB Pitcher Kyle Farnsworth of Farnsworth Peak Performance in June 2018 and partnered to own and manage a sports facility in Winter Garden, Florida. Soon after in 2019, Ernest started "The Ernest Movement", a motivational speaking and goal orientation platform that focused on helping individuals, schools, and businesses create solutions to excel in everyday life, goals for success, and increasing the championship team mentality and winning environment.  Ernest spoke at the prestigious Women's Empowerment Superwoman’s Award, held at the College of Central Florida in Ocala, Florida. During the Ceremony Ernest was also awarded Honor of Recognition from Marion County. Within the last two years, Mr. Wiggins has received letters of recognition from Florida Congressman Daniel Ward, and most prestigious thus far The Florida State Senate.


In December of 2022, Atlas Speed Training was voted #1 best Health Club and Personal Training Studio in Central Florida by The Guide to Florida Magazine, “The best of Florida 2022 Edition”.


Other accomplishments by Ernest encompass numerous organizations within the sporting community.  Ernest was an ambassador for Lululemon, as well as an athletic product consultant for Black Stone Rx, LLC.  Additionally, he contracted with SAQ (Speed, Agility, and Quickness) company for FC America Soccer club from 2012 to 2019, presently Rush Soccer Club, and Verum Academy.  During this time, Ernest was selected as the Coach of the Month in October of 2013 for FC America Orlando Soccer Academy.  Furthermore, his work with SAQ runs deep as he contracted for Winter Park Tennis Center from 2015 to the present, as well as for the Oviedo High School Varsity Football team during their 2nd round playoffs in 2015.  He was also a 2015 Gold Coast Collegiate Baseball League SAQ trainer for at least 80 players. Most notably, Ernest now trains superstar Orlando Magic Point Guard, DJ Augustin, NFL Houston Texans All-Star Defensive End, Mario Addison, 2016 and 2020 Puerto Rican Olympian, Andres Arroyo, and PGA Golfer Graeme McDowell .  In 2021 Ernest teamed up with Rollins College to increase the potential of the Men and Women’s Tennis program, and presently has partnered with ESPN’s Wide World of Sports to train every high school baseball and softball team that comes to spring training. This collaboration started in 2018 and has been extended through 2025.


 What has set Ernest apart from the rest is that when asked to step up and motivate the masses, he delivers.  In February of 2023, He electrified an audience of 800 students at the 2023 Universal Studios National Deca Sports and Marketing Entertainment Conference. Several students in attendance as well as the director noted: Ernest was the most dynamic, energetic, and motivating speaker. Ernest has been asked to be the keynote speaker for next year’s event. 

For those looking for genuine motivation, unique inspiration and uplifting humor, Ernest provides a riveting, customized presentation for any group or organization.  His authenticity and relatability, combined with his riveting public-speaking style, ensure that Ernest is a fit for any organization looking to excel.