Glasscock County ISD provides the option to Junior and Senior Students the option to take dual credit courses from Howard College, if they meet the college requirement to enroll in the course. If students choose to take dual credit they will be receiving a high school credit and a college credit for one class. Dual credit courses on taught online from Howard College.Howard College Dual Credit Website

Junior Dual Credit Course Options

  • English 1301 and 1302 (Fall and Spring Semester Course)

  • U.S. History (Fall and Spring Semester Course)

Senior Dual Credit Course Options

  • British Literature (Fall and Spring Semester Course)

  • Economics (Fall Semester)

  • Government (Spring Semester)

  • Extra choices: College Algebra (Fall), College Trigonometry (Spring), and Speech

Student can receive college and high school credit by taking Dual Credit courses which means the courses count on your high school GPA and your College GPA.

PLEASE refer to student handbook for more requirement information.

*Note: 60's is consider passing in college courses, but Glasscock County ISD requires a 70 or better to receive credit for the course.