"GCISD is committed to maintaining a safe, healthy, drug-free educational environment for all students."

It is the intent of the school health program to provide health counseling, appraisal, screening, referral, and follow-up through program planning development, and evaluation.

The primary purpose of the GCISD's school health program is the optimal maintenance, promotion, protection, and improvement of student, staff, and community health. The school health program nurse works collaboratively with students, parents, educators, staff members, and other community resources to assist the student to develop competence to confidently cope with the complexities of life. The program is designed to assure a safe, healthy environment that is conductive to learning, and to provide professional care for those who become ill or injured while at school.


1. To assist student, through health education and health appraisal, to become individuals interested in attaining optimum physical and mental health, able to make responsible decisions about personal, family, and community health.

2. To identify and provide nursing care for any physical condition which impedes learning or threatens optimum health.

3. To advocate and assist in providing an environment conductive to learning and good health.

4. To provide a physical, mental, and emotional health advocate for the students with in the school.

5. To provide liaison among the school, home, community, agencies, and health care providers.

6. To achieve acceptable levels of compliance with federal, state, and local health regulations.

7. To encourage staff members to develop positive health values and maintain their own health through learning and growth experiences.