Health Concerns: Forms and other important information

Keeping your child's school informed of any health concerns is crucial for assuring a safe and positive school experience....


Anytime a student needs medication at school, a parent or guardian must provide the medication in its original container along with a completed and signed Request for Administration of Medication by School Personnel. For more information on medication, please see "Medication Guideline".

Authorization to Carry Medication for Asthma or Anaphylaxis

Epinephrine for the treatment of severe allergies and metered-dose inhalers for asthma are two medications a student can carry with the appropriate authorization. By Texas State law, it is necessary to have on file at your child's campus, a School Asthma Action Plan Form. This authorization will need to be renewed each academic year.

Life-Threatening Allergies

In order for us to appropriately care for your child with severe allergies, we need to know a little about your child. All students known to have severe allergies should have a parent completed Allergy-Anaphylaxis Health History Form on file in his or her school clinic. An Allergy-Anaphylaxis Action Planmust also be provided by your healthcare provider if emergency response to exposure may be necessary. If you plan to have medication on hand for your child at school or your student needs to carry an epinephrine injector, don't forget to provide those forms as well! Please see the GCISD Anaphylaxis Protocol.


If your child has a history of asthma, we need to know more about it. Whether mild or severe, any student with asthma should have a parent-completed Asthma History Form on file at school. An Asthma Action Plan must also be provided by your healthcare professional if assistance may be necessary while at school. If you plan to have medication for your child at school or your healthcare provider recommends your child carry his/her inhaler, don't forget those forms as well.

Seizure Disorder

So we can respond appropriately at school, we need to know more about your child and how to respond. A Seizure Disorder History Form is available for you to provide us information about your child's experience. In the event your child may experience a seizure at school, please have your healthcare provider complete a Seizure Action Plan.


A Diabetes Management and Treatment Plan (DMTP) is the first step in assuring your child's success at school when he or she has diabetes. The DMTP is a doctor-provided form and should be delivered to your child's school and reviewed with the school nurse before your child attends school. In addition, understanding your child's unique experience with diabetes is important to us and our parent-completed Diabetes History Form can be used for that purpose.

Other Health Concerns

When registering your child for school, completing the health packet is the first step for assuring appropriate care will be provided for your child while attending school. A Comprehensive Health Assessment/History Form is also available for you to provide us additional health information when it is necessary.