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Reading Plus

Reading Plus: Structured Silent Reading

Reading Plus is a computer-based reading intervention system that uses innovative 
technology to provide individualized silent reading practice for students in third grade and 
higher. The Reading Plus system, designed in alignment with current reading research, develops 
and improves reading proficiency in students who are not responding to core interventions, and 
provides effective practice for students who are established readers. The seven component 
programs of Reading Plus provide extensive engagement in high-success, differentiated reading 

Reading Plus picks up where phonics and oral reading instruction leave off, providing 
rapid and sustainable comprehension and silent reading fluency gains. Through fidelity of 
usage, Reading Plus develops sustained attention, word recognition automaticity, gradeappropriate reading rates, enhanced vocabulary, and improved reading comprehension. 
Reading Plus provides a 20-minute computer-based placement test to determine the 
appropriate instructional programs and effective starting levels for each student. Instructional 
paths are individually defined and dynamically adjusted for each student, ensuring effective 
practice with activities that build attention and concentration, silent reading fluency, 
vocabulary enhancement, and comprehension skill mastery. The Reading Plus system’s 
continuum of reading development activities offers highly engaging, appropriately leveled 

content for students of all ages and abilities.
Reading Plus takes full advantage of the motivational benefits derived from adaptive 
instruction. It also provides educators with the tools they need to effectively identify struggling 
students, deliver targeted intervention, and monitor progress to maximize successful