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Athletic Schedule for Dec. 11-15 (including practice schedules)

GC Athletic Events:
Monday:  JH "B" Girls vs. Grady (H), 5:00pm
Monday:  JH "A" Girls vs. Blackwell (A), 6:00pm; JH Boys vs. Blackwell (A), 7:00pm
Tuesday:  JV Girls vs. Grady (H), 4:00pm; Var Girls vs. Veribest (H), 6:15pm
Tuesday:  JV Boys vs. Christoval (H), 5:00pm; Var Boys vs. Christoval (H), 7:45pm
Friday:  HS Basketball vs. Robert Lee (A); JVG (4:00pm), JVB (5:00pm), VG (6:15pm), VB (7:45pm)
Practice Schedules:
Powerlifting -- Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (7:00am)
JH Girls Basketball -- Monday (Game Day), Tuesday thru Friday (no after school, practice during period only)
HS Girls Basketball -- Monday (7:00am, after school until 5:00pm); Tuesday (7:00am, Game Day); Wednesday (7:00am, after until 5:00pm); Thursday (7:00am, no after school); Friday (7:00am, Game Day)
JH Boys Basketball -- Monday (Game Day); Tuesday (no after school); Wednesday (until 4:30pm); Thursday (TBD); Friday (no after school)
HS Boys Basketball -- Monday (7:15am; after until 4:45pm); Tuesday (7:45am, Game Day); Wednesday (7:15am, after until 5:00pm); Thursday (7:15am, after until 5:00pm); Friday (7:45am, Game Day)
Let's Go Kats!
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